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Boeing May Try To Race SpaceX To Mars

Elon Musk's cherry red Tesla Roadster in space could be set for an unexpected reunion with its billionaire owner, courtesy of Boeing. That's according to Dennis Muilenburg, the CEO of SpaceX's rival who made the lighthearted comments during an interview at a Politico Space Forum. Muilenberg said "we might pick up the one out there and bring it back", as he challenged Musk in a race to Mars, reports Daily Mail. The Boeing boss believe he can get humans on the red planet in 10 years, a similar timeframe to that outlined by Elon Musk. Aerospace giant Boeing is working closely with Nasa on its Space Launch System (SLS) to take astronauts into space in future. Nasa's Space Launch System has been dubbed a "megarocket" and is expected to launch for the first time in 2019. It will carry out its maiden launch next year for an unmanned mission and then will launch astronauts into space via the Orion mission in 2023. The SLS rocket will use upgraded RS-25 engines, which have proven their capabilities over 135 shuttle missions. For the SLS vehicle, the engines will fire at 109 per cent thrust level and provide a combined two million pounds of thrust.

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