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Bomb squad called in after ghost-hunting device left behind

It turns out a small black box with a dangling red wire and little blue light investigated by Windsor's bomb squad Tuesday isn't actually dangerous — at least to the living. The Windsor Police Explosives Disposal Unit were called to Mackenzie Hall around 7:15 p.m. to investigate a suspicious package. Police determined the package was "safe" and that there was no evidence of explosive material. Const. Andy Drouillard would not confirm whether a suspicious package in question was actually a ghost-hunting device that had been left behind. But the spokesperson for the Listowel Paranormal Society said that little black box belonged to them. "I got some pretty weird feelings and chills, cold spots and goose bumps of course." - Listowel Paranormal Society spokesperson He said he didn't even realize the EMF detector — short for electromagnetic field sensor — was missing after the society completed a sweep for spirits at the hall last Friday. Then the police showed up at his door. Read More: CBC News

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