Is this the bottom of a flying saucer hovering over photographer's head?

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ISS Nasa live cam cuts after 'suddenly locking on to mystery glowing UFO' This red ball of light shot across towards them and was 200 to 300 feet above when he took the picture. He literally had to bend over to take it. "We watched the object, which we thought was a helicopter, fly slowly over from the bridge to above the brightly lit Grangemouth Stadium. "We watched it hover for around five minutes. It was then that we noticed that the 'craft' wasn't making any noise. "Normally, if it was a helicopter, we would have heard the blades. It then turned around and faced our direction. "It was roughly 2,000 feet above the ground, then it dipped and increased dramatically in speed. "At the point of the photograph, it was about 200 to 300 feet directly above us. "It was then that we heard the light 'pulsing hum' of the object. "My friend and I were quite shaken at the time, but afterwards had an overwhelming sense of excitement." Mining company discovers remains of 'ancient UFOs' in Russia Mr Robinson added: "What you are actually looking at is the underside of the object - concave, with numerous bright flashing lights being thrown out into the dark night sky, which creates a sort of halo effect. "SPI conducted the usual lines of investigative enquiry to try and get to the bottom of this incident. "We ascertained that there was no aircraft activity in that part of central Scotland that night. "Letters to the British Petroleum plant at Grangemouth, asking them if they had any small light aircraft or microlights in operation above their complex that night (on pipe inspection duty) came back stating that no such light aircraft or micro-lights were flying above the plant that night."

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