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A boy used an elevator as his bathroom, and the universe immediately punished him for his crimes

Video footage caught a Chinese boy having a wee all over the buttons on an elevator panel and getting hit with instant karma. In the video, clad in a green hoodie and jeans, he can be seen dropping his trousers and tinkling all along the many buttons. When he’s clearly satisfied with himself, the prankster zips his pants back up and attempts to exit. The elevator doors open slightly before shutting. He pushes a button — one of which he’s just whizzed all over, mind you — to open the door only to find himself in a panic when they all begin to flicker rapidly before he’s plunged into darkness. According to the Oriental Daily via Business Insider, the boy — from Chongqing, China — did not get hurt in elevator and was eventually rescued by maintenance, but he’ll definitely have this embarrassing memory to follow him on the internet forever.

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