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Brazilian President Michel Temer moves out of official residence because of 'ghosts'

The acting president of Brazil has reportedly moved out of his official residence because of “ghosts”. Michel Temer, who has been running the country since Dilma Rousseff was impeached last year, told a Brazilian news magazine that he and his family were leaving the Alvorada Palace because they found it spooky. Mr Temer and his wife Marcela are moving back to the vice-presidential residence of Jaburu Palace where they lived with their seven-year-old son Michelzinho since he was elected Vice-President in 2011. He told Veja magazine: "I felt something strange there. I wasn't able to sleep right from the first night. The energy wasn't good. "Marcela felt the same thing. Only Michelzinho, who went running from one end to the other, liked it." He joked that they had even started to wonder whether there were ghosts in the modernist palace which was inaugurated in 1958. The 76-year-old’s move comes as he is facing mounting pressure as the ongoing corruption scandal facing the Brazilian political elite continues.

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