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Wed Nov 6 (Hour 2-3) Brent Raynes - The Man, The Myths, and the Ongoing Mysteries of John A Keel

Brent Raynes a personal friend of John Keel will share the true and incredible events Keel investigated as well as why Keel’s pioneering work continues to influence researchers who carry on studies of these "ongoing mysteries."

www.apmagazine.info Brent Raynes has been investigating and researching UFOs since 1967. He is the author of Visitors from Hidden Realms and the editor of Alternate Perceptions magazine. Brent has traveled extensively across the US and into Canada interviewing numerous witnesses and researchers. He has taken a comprehensive global and historical perspective on the Ufological landscape. He has also participated in Native American rituals and ceremonies, gaining valuable insights and information from his interactions with these wisdom keepers. Brent is able to make revealing comparisons between the interrelated experiences and disciplines of parapsychology, shamanism, Jungian archetypes and ufology. He is currently working on a third book tentatively to be entitled UFOs, Monsters, Miracles, and Jadoo, which will explore the life and pioneering research and investigations of journalist John A. Keel.

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