Brian Jones' Signal Tower and His Duck Whispering Audio

Posted by K R on

Hello Keith, It sure is great to have Art back after so much time..... I was happy to hear he's got you back as well as the new show webmaster... many years ago you posted some of my experimental audio along the lines of evp.... you posted it by saying ' well, faked or not ...etc. " ... it was hard to believe because it was so dramatic.... it was NOT faked... I've been experimenting with audio for sixteen years now.. I am more and more tapping into what I refer to as ' Audio-Psychic signals '.... it works with animals as well.. please consider listening to the 5 min. audio presentation of my documenting the thoughts of wild ducks in verbal signals.... if you find it worthy, please share it on Art's is quite hard to find people out here who want to take this ride, but here they may just appreciate this: Very sincerely......... Brian J. in Seattle ALSO... Here is a pic of my latest device to bring through spirit messages or signals.. I call this the Signal Tower

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