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A Bullet-Proof Monster?

Now and again, a story will surface of a Bigfoot allegedly being impervious to bullets. A perfect example just happens to be one of the strangest. It came in the form of a communication to a legendary figure in the field of Cryptozoology. “Dear Sir, My name is James Meacham, I read the article that you wrote for True magazine,” began Meacham in a 1960 letter to biologist, Fortean and cryptozoologist, Ivan T. Sanderson. “I have been planning on going to California in the same area that your article was about. I was a little surprised to read about such a creature as an Abominable Snowman living so close to where I intended to visit. I have always liked to explore places that other people care little about.” Then, Meacham got to the heart of the story: “I would like to know all you can tell me about this creature if you can tell anything more than you did in the article. I am sure a man of your standing must have more information about this subject than was in those few pages. I will gladly pay the postage on the information you can send. I cannot offer more because I am not working at the present. “I have met a few strange things in my life; as I am still young, there are many more I will probably see. I would like to know if you can tell me anything about a creature that looks like a small ape or a large monkey that has hair the color of fur a reddish orange color. I saw such a creature when I was 15. A friend was with me but did not see it. Whatever it was did not have a tail like a monkey but it did swing like one by its arms.” Read More: Mysterious Universe

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