A business trip to a haunted hotel showed me the power of the paranormal

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Some years ago, when I still lived in London, I was sent on a short business trip to Wales. Just before leaving for the train station I opened up a browser window and typed in the hotel’s name for directions. “Black Boy Inn haunted,” Google offered. “Black Boy Inn ghosts. Black Boy Inn most haunted places in britain.” In addition to that name—yes, it’s a very weird one, and we’re going to get to that—the modest guest house was also known for being home to at least three distinct spirits: a nun who roamed the halls, a man who frequented the bar area, and a disembodied voice of a wailing child who calmed when called to. The ghosts manifested in a number of ways—mists, bangs, voices in empty rooms. One guest reported a choking feeling when alone on a hotel staircase. I went to the hotel website. On a page marked “History,” after a long explanation of the hotel’s name and various owners since its 1522 founding, was this:
For those with an interest in archaeology, there is a continuous programme of archaeological digs being carried out within the town walls by the Gwynedd Archaeological Trust. Another interesting feature of the Black Boy Inn is the reported presence of the ghost of a nun seen passing through the Inn to the nunnery, which at one time was at the rear of the Inn.
There is no definition of “interesting” in which an archaeological dig outranks a resident member of the undead. I took to Twitter for advice on how to proceed. A woman I did not know replied immediately to say that I should change hotels.

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