Buster B. Jones

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Hi Art-

Hoping for your return to the airwaves soon! Both myself and Mrs. eagerly anticipate each show! Been listening since early 90's..

Here is a picture of Buster B. Jones (Named after the Great Finger style Guitarist-R.I.P.). Buster is a male Himalayan and just started showing up at our rural place in Central Nevada. He has another home we think-but he is a regular visitor and we have fattened him up a bit. We call him a Free-Range Cat. Notice the notch out of his left ear...he must be sparring!

Buster comes to our backdoor to get fed each morning. Sometimes he'll hang out all afternoon with us. He is mellow, has a very soft meow and likes being petted and groomed Buster purrs like a Pulse jet!

Thanks Art for what you do.

Rich And Claudia

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