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Thu Jan 19 - Carin Smurl - A True Haunting

Carin Smurl’s family moved to West Pittston Pennsylvania in 1972 after hurricane Agnes destroyed their home & much of the Wyoming Valley. Disturbances began in the new home immediately but escalated slowly then quickly magnified in 1978 after the birth of Carin and her twin sister. Physical attacks, foul odors, banging, moving objects and bad luck plagued the family day in and day out. Looking for answers the family turned to the church and Ed & Lorraine Warren for help. After many years & many exorcism and a move to a new home, the activity did not stop but became tolerable. Today Carin is a paranormal investigator and studies demonology so she can help families with paranormal issues. She also cohosts a radio show on demonologytoday.com that also educates about these topics. In 1991 a made for tv movie titled The Haunted depicted the family’s nightmare as well as a book also titled The Haunted by Robert Curran. Website: demonologytoday.com

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