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Cat Rescue in Czech Republic

Just a couple of days ago, we got this sudden unexplained urge to just get up and walk to the little village store here in our small village in Czech. It’s about a half mile down the road.

It was a cold, windy, rainy day, not at all a day we would go out for any reason..but something, and I do mean SOMETHING, compelled us so strongly to go shop for a little lunch or a snack that we jumped up from our studio chairs, got dressed in record time, and were out and off down the road.

As we crested the small hill on the way to the store, I saw it first.. a tiny white furry body, sprawled face down in the road. I knew it was a kitten. My stomach churned at the thought.. we had come across a dead kitty, or so I imagined. Oh I really didn’t need THIS, I thought.. I exclaimed much more harsh words aloud at the time..

Brenda gasped and we both hurried over to it..

But as she scooped the poor tiny kitty up off the cold road, it stirred.. it was alive. Apparently hit by a car but not smashed, but semi conscious and barely with us at all.. a badly swollen left front leg, skinned chin.. it was so terrible..

Brenda scooped the tiny kitty into her coat to warm it up.. I was more distraught than she I think.. I have a deep connection and spiritual kinship with cats. We completed our little shopping and came home, warmed the kitty up awhile, then Brenda took off for the vets office in the city 6 miles away.

Apparently, the poor thing was hit a glancing blow and knocked senseless, and we found it in the street in time. At any second another car would have come to finish it off, but whatever spirits protect both Us and Cats moved that day to save this stray kitten.

We were in the absolute right place at the right time, and being Hopi Indian, I must believe it was meant to be. It HAD to be. We were sent to save this little kitten from a terrible death. I believe this with all my mind and spirit. We were sent.

She (yes she) is now living with us, being cared for and loved, fed well and cleaned up, and so terribly happy. The luckiest kitten on this Earth is now the newest part of our cat family.

We have not chosen a name yet, but the right one will come to us I know..

Gary & Brenda
Artists in Czech Republic

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