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Cathleen's MobyCat!

Here is a picture of my orange ragamuffin cat Moby, who moved in with us as we were bringing in boxes to a new apartment in Las Vegas.

He was the apartment complex's "King Cat" - While he was about 5 years old and very tame, he never lived with a real family. Their maintenance man looked after him.

His best place to sleep is on this rock outside, despite having numerous beds in the house designated for his purposing. He adopted us and will not respond to "Moby Come Here" but boy does he run up for pets when you say "Moby Aqui" in Spanish. My cat speaks better spanish than I do. He catches pigeons from time to time and the carcasses look like Gordon Ramsey was fileting the breast meat. So we can't put him on a diet. His favorite toys are stuff from the dumpster (namely pop lids and straws with paper wrappers which he rips off the straw in his teeth and get stuck in his saliva, just like bird feathers) and plastic bags. We may fistfight the mainentance man for the cat if we ever have to move. Best cat ever.

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