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Cats and Their Toys

Missy lives in Atascadero, CA. She is an albino, deaf, definitely feminine, domestic short hair sweetheart. Missy is short for Mischief. A name well deserved I might add. What a personality she has.

Missy is very talkative and will look me straight in the eyes when she's talking to me. When I'm at the computer, and she's ready to eat, she will come up and sit beside my chair, look up at me and meow emphasizing a question mark at the end of her meow. I then get up and we both walk into the kitchen for food. We also have a hand signal I came up with where Missy knows when I use that signal when I'm asking her if she is ready for food, she will answer me and head for the kitchen.

Being bathed is not a problem for Missy. She takes it all in stride. When she was a kitten and came to the home of one of my coworkers, she was ematiated, had a bad skin condition and was plagued with ear mites. She had to be bathed often to clear up the skin condition.

We don't know what happened to her family, but I have a clue. She is deathly afraid of the ceiling fan. She looks up at it as if she thinks it is a huge bird about to attack her. Perhaps a hawk attacked the litter she came from. As far as I know she was the only survivor.

When my coworker was looking for a new home for Missy, I asked her to bring me a picture of her because every day I heard about this cat I grew more fond of her sight unseen. When I saw the picture of Missy at 13 weeks old, I fell in love with her hook, line and sinker. Missy has been my companion now since 2001. We are inseparable and there isn't a night that goes by where she isn't cuddling with me in bed.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of Missy. It is my pleasure to be able to share Missy with all of you.

~ Cathleen W.
Atascadero, CA

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