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Caught on Video: Mystery Creature Spotted Prowling Foothills in La Crescenta Area

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is investigating after a mysterious, ape-like creature was captured on cellphone video recently in the foothills near a hiking trail in La Crescenta, not far from the 210 Freeway. Jake Gardiner, who works near the area, spotted the animal while taking a stroll during the woods on his lunch break last week. "At first, I heard a bunch of strange noises in the trees. Figured it was just some types of bird or something like that,” Gardiner told KTLA in an interview on Tuesday. A still uneasiness came over him as he began to feel like something was out there watching him. So, Gardiner pulled out his cellphone and began recording as he tried to determine whether anything was out there. At first, he couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. It wasn't until he checked the footage a second time that he noticed something unusual. However, he wasn't quite sure what it was he that he had captured on the video. “You can definitely see a torso and four limbs moving around and swinging around,” Gardiner said. “It’s a pretty obvious kind of motion.”

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