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Tue May 21 - Chad and Alta Dillard - High Strangeness in NOLA

Chad and Alta will continue their story of synchronicity, missing time, and UFO's. They will also give us an update of the most recent incident. BOOK: Orbducted in the French Quarter, and other High Strangeness experiences Facebook.com/ORBDUCTED/ Chad & Alta met and married in the early 1990's in the city of Little Rock Arkansas. The marriage was one of destiny and as Alta would say, arranged. What they didn't know is that from that moment on the couple would partake in a journey into the world of unknown and High Strangeness including aliens, ghosts, a shape shifter, and meeting people who have been seen, and some unseen. In 1995 Chad & Alta experienced their first UFO, a massive sight in Hammond, Louisiana. This experience opened their eyes and led them to the well-known French Quarter in New Orleans where the high strangeness continued.

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