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Chances Are, We Really Aren’t Alone! And Science Agrees!

Simple percentage terms tell us that life almost has to exist elsewhere. Of the millions and millions of planets, moons, solar systems and even other galaxies, if only 1% were to have just the conditions for life to develop, it would still leave hundreds of thousands of potential targets for exploration. Of course, this is all on the assumption that life will be carbon-based. Essentially using the same building blocks as life on Earth does. However, that might not be the case. What If Alien Life Is Exactly That? There is also the possibility that alien life – in whatever form it takes – may be completely alien to us in terms of its molecular structure and even the “building blocks” it uses as its base for life. For example, many planets and moons have atmospheres containing gases that are poisonous to us. However, these same gases may be ideal for life forms that have developed in that environment. Furthermore, here on Earth, more and more we discover there are many life forms that thrive in otherwise hostile environments. Whether it be in the freezing conditions of Antarctica or miles below the ocean in boiling conditions on the seabed. These are extremophiles, and their discovery gives hope to those who believe in alien life. That such organisms, or even small insect-like creatures, could exist in the equally inhospitable worlds of Venus or Mars.

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