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Tue Apr 9 (Hour 1-2) - Charles de Lauzirika - Behind the Scenes: From Aliens, Hellboy, Star Wars & Beyond

Charles de Lauzirika, the filmmaker behind the documenatries Dangerous Days: Making of Blade Runner, The Beast Within: Making Alien and Superior Firepower. He will discuss his start in the industry, producing content for DVDs and overseeing restorations and re-cuts of films like Alien 3, Legend and Blade Runner: The Final Cut. He will also talk in depth about Charles's first feature, CRAVE, so there will be spoilers! www.cravethefilm.com TWITTER: @lauzirika Charles de Lauzirika is the producer/director of over 100 behind-the-scenes documentaries and featurettes exploring such films and TV shows as; Blade Runner, Twin Peaks, The Martian, The Alien Anthology and the Star Wars Saga, Lauzirika made his featue directing debut with the psychological thriller Crave, starring Josh Lawson, Emma Lung, Edward Furlong and Ron Perlman. A magna cum laude graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts and a four-time Saturn Award winner, and continues to produce behind-the-scenes content, working on the new Hellboy film, as well as DC Universe's Doom Patrol and Stargirl, and he currently has several feature films projects in various stages of development. This May, he will be directing the dark comedy Love Bite, a short film about how couples argue...during the zombie apocalypse.

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