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Charlotte Photographs Stripes the Cat

Hello again Art,

It is Charlotte, well, you have guessed it, I am a fellow cat lover. Here is my cat Stripes. She gets her name from her mother named Liberty. I have a picture of her as well and I will share more of them later :) Yes, I am borderline, crazy cat lady, but as you say, they always find their way to you when you need them. All of my cats are strays and they have their own unique personality, like us humans. Stripes loves attention and all of her paws are black on the padding of the bottom. If I am in the garage and she wants me to come home, well, she starts meowing and getting vocal until I go home.

Roswells again,


PS. I have been doing photography as a hobby. I must say it is a great passion of mine! I am looking forward to the day when I capture something unidentified or other worldly in some way so I can share it with you. :)

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