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Chinese Moon Rover Killed by Aliens?

When the Chinese moon rover Jade Rabbit broke down after travelling a mere 60 feet across the moon’s surface, scientists and engineers knew who to blame: aliens. The government announced that it had fallen victim to extreme cold - but some state-run magazines and TV shows offered another explanation, with the support of some scientists, and even members of the military. Nigel Watson, author of The Haynes UFO Investigations Manual says that the thousands of Chinese UFO enthusiasts believe that, “it was either nobbled by aliens or the USA. This would be to prevent the robot from discovering bases and other secret technology on the surface of the Moon.” More UFO sightings have followed - including a “head-sized” ball of light which flew into a house in Qihe County, according to Shandong Qilu radio. In China, the dictatorial government legalised discussion of the subject in 1979 - and China’s approach is rather different from the West’s. State-run TV stations and newspapers regularly report UFO stories - and take the stories seriously. via Yahoo News UK.

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