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Chris Carter gives his take on the secret UFO program

Chris Carter, the creator and mastermind of the Fox sci-fi phenomenon the X-Files has a few thoughts on the recent news that the Pentagon was secretly investigating UFOs for five years. Of course, having dealt with this subject for over twenty years, Carter was rather matter of fact about the whole revelation. What is interesting about his response to Entertainment Weekly is that he is clearly a hybrid of Mulder and Scully. Because he has always had an unabashed interest in the paranormal since he was younger, you can definitely see where the character of Fox Mulder was born. However, in his words, “I’m a skeptic by nature. I’ve never seen a UFO. I’ve never seen an alien. But I’ve talked to way too many people I consider honest and credible who have.” Much like Dana Scully, he approaches this sort of subject matter in a more logical manner than Mulder. Carter reveals that he has actually been to the Pentagon to meet with someone whose job is to “think about the future and where the U.S. will be in the future, what its interests will be, and what they’ll need to defend — and everything had to do with space and off-planet.” “Without them actually saying “aliens,” there was a suggestion that they were more than earthbound researchers.”

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