Chris Carter on the “X-Files” appeal - it’s all about the stories

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In a recent interview with Buddy TV, creator Chris Carter dishes on the everlasting appeal of his show. The truth is out there and it’s in the stories!
“Writing is a little athletic for me. I get worked up a little bit when I do it.” – Chris Carter
Unlocking the Appeal The X-Files have been around since 1993. In 2018, they will celebrate 25 years of storytelling. Recently, Buddy TV sat down with the creator of the iconic show, Chris Carter. He gives his take on the enduring appeal of his series and why people continue to tune in. When a show has been around for a lengthy amount of time, it is difficult to find new and interesting situations for the characters. That is why you see so many tired productions, “Jumping the Shark.” Familiarity is comforting for television viewers. They like to know what to expect but a steady diet of it can be tedious. Carter and his writing staff have always been able to switch things up. The X-Files provide their writers with a variety of ways to generate new stories from the mythological arc to standalone episodes. It is not surprising that Carter’s response to the question of why his show has enduring appeal revolved not only around Mulder and Scully’s relationship but in the way that their stories are told. “There are lots of tonal shifts. It’s not one thing all the time. There can be comedy episodes, thriller episodes, scary episodes what we call the “Monster of the Week” episodes. The X-Files has always been a variety of things. It has been one of its best features.” Another thing that keeps the series fans interested is that the writing always manages to infuse current events in with the storylines. As Carter states, “We live in very interesting times, technologically, politically and socially.” He also went on to point out that those elements can be found within the “first five episodes.”

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