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CIA Files Reveal US Intelligence Used Psychics to Spy on Iran

Declassified CIA documents reveal that US intelligence has gone as far as using supposedly telepathic individuals to gather intelligence, including the hostage situation during the takeover of US embassy in Iran. As the US government begins looking for creative solutions to its cybersecurity woes, it’s focusing on “psychic computers. If you haven't purchased yourself a cap made of tinfoil, it might be the right time to do so, as the CIA's dabbling with the paranormal is now official. According to a batch of declassified CIA documents, the US intelligence agency used a team of psychics to gather intelligence about operations without being physically present at any of them. According to the documents, the program was established in 1975. It involved hundreds of candidates who either claimed psychic powers or were somehow determined to possess them. Of several hundred candidates, only six were chosen to take part in further operations. For several years, the program, codenamed "Grill Flame," was more about research and accumulating theory behind the paranormal abilities. But its star turn came in 1979, when Grill Flame was brought in to help search for a missing US Navy plane. The operation was a success, as the psychics were able to pinpoint the location of the plane with an error margin of about 15 miles. Jimmy Carter, US president at the time, dropped a hint about this program in an interview he gave 12 years after the incident. Read More: Sputnik

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