Cindy DuBois' Ghost

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This picture was taken on a ghost tour in Tombstone, AZ, 3/16/06 at 1:04am. We were taking pictures through windows looking into businesses along main street. I DID NOT see this (or these) ghosts until I was looking at the downloaded images on my laptop. Had I seen this/these in real time, I would not have dirtied my pants but been yet another dead body on the streets of Tombstone. We determined the next day that I was the only person who took a picture into this store which was the location Morgan Earp was shot and killed while playing pool. I visited it in the daylight recognizing the postcard rack that you can see thru the ghost's image. The ghost to the left of the rack has his right eye and nose very visible. Standing up above your monitor, looking down, there appears to be another man who is shorter on the other side also looking at me. I printed a copy which I was showing around when a nurse said, "what about the three along the top?" You know, one was enough for me. Enjoy finding as many as you think are there. I'm just happy to catch them on camera and not with my naked eye.

Cindy DuBois

Roswells to Art & Yhetti. Because of him, I have become a snowbird in Pahrump since 2005.

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