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Tue Jan 22 - Claudio Bergamin - Anomalous Artist

Claudio Bergamin discusses his process of interpreting some of the most famous Paranomal encounters into a work of art. You might also recognize his work on the albums of some of your favorite bands. www.claudiobergamin.com Facebook: claudiobergamin.art TWITTER: @Bergamin_Art BIO: Claudio Bergamin is a professional illustrator of the fantasy genre. His work portfolio ranges from album covers and books to comics and conceptual design for video games. His client portfolio spreads through many countries with his work experience going back more than 17 years. He recently started creating art inspired by the world of the paranormal. In this genre, he has created book covers for leading cryptozoology researchers such as Lyle Blackburn, Loren Coleman, and Barton Nunnely. Similarly, he has produced illustrations in close collaboration with legendary personalities of the paranormal, such as Travis Walton (Fire in the Sky) and Bob Gimlin (Patteron-Gimlin Film, 1967). In 2017, AFM Records commissioned the album cover "Phoenix", the return of the Swedish band Nocturnal Rites. Also during 2017, the iconic British band Judas Priest entrusted him with the creation of the art of his new album "Firepower". Currently Claudio lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife.
Patterson-Gilman Bigfoot Interpretation
Fire in the Sky-Travis Walton Interpretation
Obelisks Titles = David Childres

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