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Climate change marchers trash NYC

After around 400,000 reportedly gathered in New York City on Sunday for the “People’s Climate March,” a bit more than a carbon footprint was left behind by environmentalists admonishing the world to stop polluting to prevent alleged global warming. With many expecting that "green" gala to be a squeaky clean event, replete with recycling bins and reusable drinking containers, many were shocked to see the piles of garbage strewn across the marching route. The litter-laden aftermath of the event (see photo from Twitter to the right) had many climate-change skeptics questioning the heart behind the movement. “This week in New York City somewhere around 400,000 litterbugs descended on the Big Apple, and not to celebrate the wonderful news that the planet hasn't warmed in 18 years,” commented columnist John Nolte of Breitbart. “Instead, they gathered to do, uhm, whatever this is, and to pretend Global Warming is real and dire, so that those pushing this phony crisis can tell the rest of us what to do and how to live our lives.” Nolte expressed some frustration with what he considered hypocrisy by those promoting and defending a movement that demands Americans and citizens of the world to produce less trash and clean up the environment. “You would think that the one thing environmental fanatics and those of us who are not fascists could agree on is that only arrogant scumbags are litterbugs,” Nolte continued. “Unfortunately … we can't even enjoy some common ground on that one point. Climate fanatics are indeed arrogant litterbugs. But when you know the mainstream media will cover for your piggish behavior, why not?” Not only questioning their integrity, Nolte questions environmentalists’ sincerity when it comes to their apocalyptic belief that pollutants generated by an overpopulated planet will result in its ultimate destruction. “Do people who honestly believe the planet is in jeopardy behave this way?” Nolte asks. “Or drive to protests in cars? Or live in the Hollywood Hills ? Or star in carbon-belching Hollywood blockbusters ? Or fly in private jets ? "Nope." Practicing what they preach? via One News Now.

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