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Close-Up Drone Video of Erupting Volcano Bardarbunga in Iceland

This epic video isn’t a CGI outtake from Lord of the Rings. It’s proof that a guy with a quadcopter managed to get very, very close to an erupting Icelandic volcano—close enough to melt the face of the GoPro camera that shot the video. Eric Cheng, director of aerial imaging for drone maker DJI, joined photographer Ragnar Th. Sigurdsson for a last-minute trip to the eruption site in the Bardarbunga volcanic system. Sigurdsson had access to the proper permits and connections with the local authorities to get close enough to send a drone over the eruption. Iceland is one of the most volcanically active locations in the world. It’s the only place on the globe where a mid-ocean ridge—the seams in the Earth’s crust that pull apart, bringing molten magma to the surface to produce more crust—rises onto dry land. It’s an incredible view of one of the most important and impressive geologic processes on the planet. The current eruption began about a month ago in a fissure between Bardarbunga and Askja volcanoes. This area, known as the Holuhraun lava field, is located just north of the Vatnajokull ice sheet. via WIRED.

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