Closet Ghost

Posted by K R on

This was in our closet. When you would go into the closet, it was cold and the door would close by itself, but only when someone was in the closet. If no one was in the closet and you opened the door it would stay open. As soon as someone walked in it would close, should have taken video. This picture was taken before we moved out. We only lived there a short time. This was a brand new house. We used to hear a crashing noise in the morning,when everyone was in bed, this happened 3 times and it sounded like someone dropped a lamp from high up off the floor. The noise was coming from this closet area.. We could never find anything that had fallen or broke. Also while we lived there we would hear scratching on our bedroom doors and when you open them nothing was there. Looking back, we found a bible in the cabinet when we moved in and it looked like a child had taken a crayon and scribbled on the pages in the middle of the bible. Weird ???

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