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Colorado woman believes she captured ghost on camera at The Stanley Hotel

A family out of Aurora decided to take a trip to Estes Park and tour The Stanley Hotel. Little did they know, their group would be joined by what appeared to be a ghostly child. Jessica Martinez-Mausling and her group of 11 were on the "Spirit Tour" in the month of September. Like a lot of other tourists stopping through, they took a few photos. When the family got home and reviewed their pictures, they noticed something odd. It looked like a young girl was walking down the stairs near them. When asked about the photo, Jessica said there were no young girls in their party. She even double-checked with other members of her family, and they all said there was no child on the tour. "Yes, we do think it was a ghost. There is no other explanation. She wasn't there when we took the picture," Jessica told KRDO NewsChannel 13. Of course, there are debates on whether Jessica and her family could have doctored the photo.

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