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Coma victim wakes speaking fluent French, family stunned

A barber has told how he woke up from a coma following a car crash speaking fluent French and thinking he was Matthew McConaughey. Rory Curtis, 25, suffered horrific injuries after the vehicle he was driving hit a lorry before six cars ploughed into the side him during torrential rain on the M42. Firefighters battled to free him from the wreckage for 40 minutes at the scene in Tamworth, Staffordshire, before he was then airlifted hospital. Doctors found he had suffered a multifocal intracranial brain haemorrhage, which meant his blood vessels had burst and blood was leaking into his brain. The promising semi-pro footballer remained in a coma at Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital for six days while medics battled round the clock to save his life. When he finally came round Mr Curtis started speaking to nurses in fluent French - despite not studying the language since school. In his head he had also convinced himself he was Hollywood A-list actor Matthew McConaughey. Mr Curtis, from Redditch, Worcestershire, said: "It's quite bizarre to say the least. "I didn't even do French at GCSE so haven't studied it since Year 9 - then all of a sudden I'm fluent in it. "I can't explain how it happened. It's incredible really. "I don't remember coming round but my family said one of the nurses was from Africa and spoke French and I was having conversations with her. "I was just casually chatting away about how I was feeling in this perfect French accent. "My mum and dad were stunned when they got to hospital and the nurse asked them what side of the family was French. More via Telegraph.

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