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Did a computer flaw allow Ebola to get out in US?

The Dallas hospital treating the country’s first case of Ebola has provided contradictory versions of the role played by the hospital’s electronic health record in the staff’s failure to admit Thomas Eric Duncan when he first came to its emergency room. Thursday night, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital said that because of a “flawed” setup of its health records, Duncan’s travel history “would not automatically appear in the physician’s standard workflow.” Late Friday it directly contradicted that version. In what the hospital called a “clarification,” it said there was “no flaw” in the way the physician and nursing portions of the electronic health record interacted in relation to the event. After issuing the latest statement, hospital spokespersons did not respond to requests for explanation. All that’s known definitively is that an intake nurse’s notation that Duncan had recently been in Africa — which should have set off alarms leading to his medical isolation— was somehow ignored. He was sent home and may have exposed up to 18 people before being readmitted two days later. via POLITICO.com.

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