A Contest to Rewrite the Ten Commandments -- Sans God

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Have you heard of the Rethink Prize? The idea is to rewrite the ten commandments, in a secular way. The winner, the person who submits what is judged to be the best set of ten rules for living life in a moral way, will receive a ten thousand dollar prize. The contest to rewrite the ten commandments was announced in October, but Adam Savage, the host of Mythbusters announced on Friday (November 21) that he would be joining the project as a judge, causing a new surge of interest and awareness for the contest — so much that the contest website crashed shortly after his tweet. According to the contest organizers’ Facebook page, other judges of the commandments submissions will include Harvard University’s Humanist Chaplain, Greg Epstein, and Robyn Blumner, an executive director for the Richard Dawkins Foundation. The organizers, by the way, are the authors of a book that centers around the same idea. Atheist Mind, Humanist Heart: Rewriting the Ten Commandments for the Twenty-First Century, by John Figdor and Lex Bayer, is about figuring out what moral principles a person should live by, if that person no longer feels comfortable relying on God to supply a moral code. More via Inquistr.com.

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