The most convincing video evidence of Big Foot since Patterson film?

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By Seth Koenig Mainer Bill Brock is the host of a monster-hunting show that has aired on the Discovery Channel and its Destination America sister network, and he’s been searching for Sasquatch — “Bigfoot” — for years. He told me today the evidence he has seen and heard up in Turner is good. The question is whether it’s too good to be true. “I’m not telling you that this is Sasquatch,” he said. “I’m telling you we either have a bunch of things that are lining up to be the most convincing evidence since the Patterson-Gimlin video or this is a really amazing hoax.” To be clear, Brock thinks his witness — a 12-year-old Turner resident — is being truthful. So if it’s a big scam or a case of badly mistaken identities, the boy is as much a victim as anyone else who buys in. “This really terrified this kid. He was shaking,” Brock said. “I’ve done enough interviews with people who say they’ve seen Sasquatch to know … he was scared. It was almost frightening to watch him deal with it.” The Patterson-Gimlin video, for reference, was a controversial 1967 motion picture shot by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin near Bluff Creek in California depicting what they maintained was Sasquatch. The footage is perhaps the best-known of all Bigfoot imagery and has been widely debated in terms of its authenticity. (See an analysis of that footage by clicking here.) So let’s get to the Turner evidence. (See video above.) There’s video of something very clearly walking across this rural stretch of property. There’s audio of a whooping noise. And there are some really clearly defined — and big — humanoid footprints in the granular Turner snow. Second video: More via #Maine.

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