Wed Sep 20 - Dr. Craig Hogan - Afterlife Connections

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R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D., is the president of the Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc. He is the author of Your Eternal Self, presenting the scientific evidence that the mind is not confined to the brain, the afterlife is a reality, people’s minds are linked, and the mind affects the physical world. He co-authored Induced After-Death Communication: A New Therapy for Healing Grief and Trauma with Allan Botkin, Psy.D. and Guided Afterlife Connections: They Come to Change Lives with Rochelle Wright. He is the editor of Afterlife Communication: 16 Proven Methods, 85 True Accounts and of New Developments in Afterlife Communication and New Developments in Afterlife Communication. He developed the Self-Guided Afterlife Communication method that has been used successfully by thousands of people. He is president of the Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc., and director of the Center for Spiritual Understanding through Afterlife Communication, Inc. He has been a professor of business communications at three universities, curriculum and training administrator at two universities and a medical school, and director of his own online business writing school, The Business Writing Center.

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