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Cryptid Monster Movies for Halloween

Here’s something fun for Halloween! Allow me to present a list of monster movies that feature veritable cryptids. Obviously, most of these creatures are highly implausible, but none of them claim supernatural, radioactive/mutant or extraterrestrial origins: 1. King Kong – Though its gargantuan girth is never explained, the premise of finding an enormous, bipedal ape on a remote jungle island has cryptozoology written all over it. 2. Creature from the Black Lagoon – You won’t find a less-plausible cryptid than the ‘Gill-man,’ but a team of investigators discovers the creature in the Amazon, where new species are still documented on a regular basis. 3. Jaws – Cryptozoology can include ‘unexpected’ animals… out of place or exceptional individuals of a known species. Sound about right? 4. Anaconda – Unverified accounts of the ‘Surcuriju Gigante,’ 60′ to 100′ anacondas from South America were the basis for this 1997 film. 5. Tremors – Though the origin of the ‘Graboids’ is at first vague, it is eventually revealed that these ‘death worms’ date back to the Precambrian period… some 540 million years ago. 6. Lake Placid – See ‘Jaws’ 7. Cloverfield – The origin of the titanic Clover monster is kept ambiguous, though there is an inference that it comes from Earth’s deep oceans. Read 10 More: Cryptomundo

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