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Cuddling with Cows Is the Cutest Form of Therapy

If you’re looking for a unique but sure way to let loose and forget about the stress of your daily life, head off to the Swiss country side for a session of cow cuddling therapy. It’s sure to do the trick! Sibylle Zwygart’s family runs a dairy farm in Tenniken. Switzerland’s Basel-Landschaft canton. Three years ago she and her father were watching over one of their cows during calving, and while the birth of three adorable calves was usually a joyous event, this time was different. Her father’s trained eyes immediately noticed that two of the calves were sterile females, and the third was a bull, so none of them were of any use for their dairy business. Sibylle’s father planned to sell them all to the slaughterhouse, but she pleaded with him to let her keep them. It took some convincing, but the farmer finally gave in to his daughter’s heartfelt pleas, on one condition – that she somehow find the money to cover the cost of their feed and veterinary bills. Sibylle agreed, and has spent most of her time since then looking after and training the three animals, which she named Svea, Sven and Svenja. As soon as they were old enough, she started putting them to “work”. First, she decided to make one of her childhood dreams a reality, so she opened a cattle-themed adventure park for kids, where children as young as seven could come and learn about cows as well as interact with them. “Many kids today don’t even know where milk comes from, and some have never experienced country life,” Zwygart told BZ Basel. “This is also about getting children into a relationship with agriculture again.” Kids would come and feed the three friendly cows, clean them, walk them around the farm and learn all kinds of interesting things about them. But this was only the beginning of Sibylle’s project. She soon started looking for sponsors, animal lovers willing to pitch in 5 Swiss francs a month to cover the costs of raising them, in exchange for cow cuddling sessions. Read More: Oddity Central

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