The Cybersecurity Tipping Point

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As we bear witness to the aftermath of major attacks this year against the likes of Target, Home Depot, Neiman Marcus and most recently, Sony, it becomes clear that we are entering an entirely new “war” against cyber crime. Those who do not change their approach will lose. The sophistication and proliferation of advanced malware is greater than it has ever been, and widespread awareness of this problem is being fueled by the near daily headlines touting the latest company to fall victim to a cyber attack. Large enterprises are investing more money into cybersecurity technologies than ever before, and the need for a stronger and more comprehensive security model has become a board-level discussion as the severity of these attacks hits home for businesses and consumers alike. While the cybersecurity crisis has seemingly come to a head in 2014, the increased challenge with protection has been years in the making due to the proliferation of mobile, cloud and virtualization technologies. Perhaps ironically, it is these newer computing paradigms that also offer new avenues for addressing the problem. The convergence of these technical factors, coupled with increased human usage and awareness, is building up to what will be a tipping point for cybersecurity in 2015. A new approach to security is needed based on the following pillars. Assume You’re Always Under Attack All security technologies today, even the state-of-the-art virtual execution tools, rely on techniques and algorithms to identify “good” from “bad.” Sophisticated cyber criminals are selling malware that is guaranteed to get through these security solutions because they masquerade as “good” or use software vulnerabilities that have not yet been discovered. Full Report via TechCrunch.

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