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Fri Jan 31 (Hour 3) Dahlia Schweitzer - The Truth About the Coronavirus

Dahlia Schweitzer will help us understand what is fact or fiction about the Coronavirus outbreak. She will also discuss how the current news surrounding the Coronavirus, depicting the different narratives in contemporary American film and television.

thisisdahlia.com GoingViralBook.com TWITTER: @dahliadestiny Dahlia Schweitzer is a pop culture critic and writer. Dahlia writes about film, television, music, gender, identity, and everything in between. Her work can be found across mainstream, academic, and emergent channels. The Baton Rouge-born novelist, chanteuse, and performance artist studied at Wesleyan University, lived and worked in New York and Berlin, and moved to Los Angeles to complete her graduate work at the Art Center College of Design and the University of California-Los Angeles.

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