Tue Aug 14 - Damon Wilson - The Verge of Global Economic and Environmental Catastrophe

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Are we on the verge of global economic and environmental catastrophe, or of a new golden age? Have sociopaths always controlled our world, and do we now have the means to identify and control them? BIO: Damon Wilson is a son of the internationally renowned author and philosopher, Colin Wilson. Damon has published around thirty, non-fiction books, mostly on the subjects of criminology and the paranormal. His last book, An End to Murder, was a collaboration with his late father about the history of violence and the mystery of why global violent crime rates have dropped significantly since the early 1990’s. Now, he is currently writing a book about the enormous global changes that are going to overtake us in the next decade called, The End of the World and How to Survive It. Damon and his lovely wife, have three sweet daughters and they live in the county of Norfolk, England.

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