Dan Aykroyd: Aliens Think Humans Are ‘Depraved’ And ‘Disgusting’

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Actor Dan Aykroyd has been pretty outspoken about UFOs and aliens in the past, and has recently revealed that he believes the reason why alien life forms have refused to make contact with the human race is because we are seen as a “violent, depraved, disgusting species.” The Ghostbusters star who says that he has personally encountered UFOs on several occasions in the U.S. – stated in an interview with the Sunday Times Magazine his beliefs as to why aliens stay away. According to Aykroyd, “(It’s) because we are a violent species. They don’t want anything to do with us. They watch us. There were two white orbs over (New) Jersey when the second tower went down on 9/11. They were on CNN for about two minutes… They never showed it again.”
Can you imagine what was going through their advanced minds when they saw what happened on 9/11?” Aykroyd continued. “These humans crashing our highest evolution in aviation into our highest evolution in architecture and metallurgy, like kids wrecking toys in the sandbox. They are disgusted with us. And rightly so. Because we are a depraved, disgusting species.”
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