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Dan Aykroyd Supporting the MUFON Kickstarter Project

UFO and paranormal enthusiast Dan Aykroyd has made a video for a Kickstarter campaign of the Mutual UFO Network. Aykroyd is a major UFO buff with the legendary work on television and film. His interest in UFOs significantly demonstrated in Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs, a documentary release in 2012. Aykroyd is talking about UFOs in this movie for a total of 2 hours, which may bore to some, but many love it. His remarkable knowledge of the history of UFO phenomena shows he is very ahead with some of the top researchers in the field. Aykroyd is still keeping up with this topic in a recently released video. He endorses MUFON’s Kickstarter campaign in the video. The campaign hopes to raise $78,000 to remake MUFON’s website and UFO database. MUFON plans to create more user-friendly website and reporting interface for people in the general public and researchers who wish to report their own UFO sighting. Aykroyd, in the video, talks about his longtime passion for UFO topic, and mentions a television series Psi Factor, which he co-produced with his brother. He explains that the series touches issues about inter-dimension. Aykroyd then asks people to extend their help to MUFON and its leader Jan Harzan. He shares a spectacular experience by Jan as a 10-year-old boy. Dan goes on to say that the funds would help Harzan and MUFON understand where these aerodynamically advanced unknown flying vehicles are coming from and who control them, which will contribute to the betterment of humanity. Aykroyd has been involved for many years with MUFON and has met several leaders of the organization to offer his help. More via Latest UFO Sightings.

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