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Dark Matter could create halos of light around galaxies

Dark matter might not be totally dark: A new study reports that if dark matter has even a small interaction with particles of light, it could create a visible glow around galaxies. Searching for light from the darkest substance in the universe may seem like an oxymoron, but scientists can't rule out the possibility that dark matter and light occasionally interact. If particles of light can scatter off of dark matter, a new study suggests that this interaction could create "halos of light" around galaxies. The authors of the new work say there are telescopes in operation that could look for this dark matter glow. Looking for a dark matter glow Roughly 80 percent of the matter in the universe is dark matter. While scientists cannot see dark matter, they know it exists in significant amounts because it exerts a gravitational pull on regular matter. Without dark matter, many galaxies would fly apart, unable to hold all the stars together while spinning at such high speeds. via Fox News.

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