What is the dark web and how does it work?

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Dark web technologies are robustly built without central points of weakness, making it hard for authorities to infiltrate. Another issue for law enforcement is that – like most things – the dark web and its technologies can also be used for both good and evil. So in the same way criminals use it to hide what they are up to, it can also help groups fight oppression or individuals to whistle blow and exchange information completely anonymously. In fact, Tor – "free software and an open network that helps you defend against traffic analysis" and a critical part of the so-called dark web – has been funded by a range of Western governments, including the US. A service like Tor, is global, in no one physical location, and is operated by no one commercial entity – which is typical of these technologies. Theoretically, the only way to intercept communications sent via something like Tor is to install a "backdoor" in the application everyone uses. A backdoor is meant to provide a secret way to bypass an application's protection systems – in a similar way to how people hide backdoor keys in flower pots in the garden in case they get locked out of their house. However, the use of a "backdoor" could also allow any governments – even oppressive ones – to intercept communications. Indeed, cyber breaches have shown us that any backdoor or weakness can be found and exploited by hackers in order to steel people's information, pictures and data.

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