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Fri June 1 - David Bryant - Conspiracy, Catastrophes & Contact

Tonight is a power-packed evening of Conspiracy, Catastrophes & Contact with David Bryant. In a unique twist we will spend all 3 hours talking with our guest and focusing on a different topic each hour. Hour 1 finds us examining The Conspiracy Conspiracy: How to fool all of the people all of the time! Hour 2 we look to Danger From the Skies: The Real Threat to Mankind's Existence. Hour 3 we wrap up the show with an exploration into Our Forbidden Moon is Spaceflight being denied to Mankind? David Bryant looks for reasons why NASA has failed to achieve space missions beyond low Earth orbit since the Apollo 17 mission in 1972 - if they ever have! The result of over 15 years research and meetings with over thirty astronauts (including seven Moonwalkers!) this conversation may just make you think again about what you read in the newspapers or watch on TV! www.david-bryant.co.uk/

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