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Tue Mar 5 - David O'Leary, Paul Hynek & Joel Hynek - Project Blue Book: Reopened!

From Military Investigations to Pop Culture references, Project Blue Book is one of the most famous, in-depth studies into anomalous phenomena and tonight we speak to the man behind the popular new series, Creator and Co-Executive Producer of PROJECT BLUE BOOK, David O'Leary. Joining David are Paul & Joel Hynek, the sons of famed researcher and investigator J. Allen Hynek.
Paul, Lt. Col. Robert Friend, last military-director of Project Blue Book and Joel.
History Channel - Project Blue Book @HistoryBlueBook @davideoleary @paulhynek @joelhynek David O'Leary, a New York native, is the Creator and Co-Executive Producer of TV drama series PROJECT BLUE BOOK starring Aidan Gillen, for HISTORY in association with A+E Studios. Oscar winner Robert Zemeckis Back to the Future, Forrest Gump serves as executive producer. O’Leary was also recently hired to pen the sci-fi thriller RADIANT SKY for financier The Coalition Group, and his sci-fi/horror script MISSING TIME is under option with Amasia Entertainment. A producer on two sci-fi features in post-production for release next year, PARALLEL (Bron Studios) and ELI (Paramount), O'Leary is also a former development executive, having worked for Bellevue Productions, Valhalla Entertainment, Kopelson Entertainment, Rogue Pictures, Warner Bros., and Industry Entertainment. O'Leary is represented by Paradigm and Zero Gravity Management. O’Leary currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Paul Hynek is one of the son's of Dr. J. Allen Hynek. He is a Wharton MBA, Professor of Finance at Pepperdine and grant reviewer for the National Science Foundation. He worked on several movie productions such as; Avatar, Lord of the Rings, and other movies and games and then helped sell the company to James Cameron. He is also active in virtual and augmented reality and blockchain. Joel Hynek is an Academy Award winning visual effects supervisor. He grew up in the Chicago area and was a son of famous astronomer Dr. J. Allen Hynek. Joel experimented with rocketry and other physical effects as he grew up which he put to good use in his career in visual effects. Some of the films he contributed to are Predator, What Dreams May Come, The Matrix, and The Mummy III.

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