Dead Aliens Stored In Underground Bunkers?

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This past weekend I spoke at the annual Edinburg, Texas “Out Of This World” conference. The subject: mysterious deaths in the field of Ufology. During the course of the gig, one of the attendees asked – given the various books I have written – if I had a large database of material on UFO-themed cases, witness reports, and so on. Well, yes, I do. So, I figured that today I would share with you one of those reports. It demonstrates the undeniably bizarre nature of certain aspects of the UFO phenomenon. It also reveals how the subject has been manipulated for very strange purposes. On September 2, 2014, I had an interesting chat with a retired employee of the U.S. Air Force. I’ll call him “Harry Palmer.” He contacted me to share a deeply odd story – and specifically after reading my 2011 book, The Real Men in Black. Palmer’s exposure to the UFO phenomenon occurred below Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio. The base in question is a highly secure military installation. It has a reputation for (allegedly) being the home of a number of well-preserved – and some not so well-preserved – corpses of dead aliens, presumably recovered from more than a few UFO crashes. Many UFO skeptics ignore or write-off such claims. Harry Palmer told me he knew better. It was a winter’s night in 1988 when Palmer (27 at the time) was ordered to report to one particular building on the base that he had never previously been in, one which was connected to a certain weapons-storage area. On doing so, he was met by three very pale-skinned men dressed in dark suits. They directed him to a door which, when opened, revealed a large elevator on the other side. Silently, the black-clad trio motioned Palmer into the elevator. He quickly realized he was descending – and to a fairly deep degree. He was then ushered into a corridor which had a large vault-like door at its end.

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