Demonic Voice on Tape?

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It’s not uncommon for people to believe that they’re experiencing paranormal activity around their homes, but quite often the strange happenings can be explained by relatively mundane reasons – old pipes, settling foundations, and old electronics tend to be the usual culprits. But what happens when you set out to explain the mundane and things only get stranger?

Redditor Shizz_McCoy took to the paranormal subreddit to post a firsthand experience with some of the strange experiences she and her flatmates have been experiencing while living in their apartment. At first, the roommates all noticed that their electrical devices would act up, ranging anywhere from phones not fully charging to a playstation freezing completely with a “weird” picture frozen on the screen.

The group began to notice the sounds of random knocks on their walls and doors, which would often arrive in threes, and usually only happened when one of the roommates was home alone. What followed was a series of terrifying paranormal activity straight out of the movies. Before long the flatmates had recorded sounds of disembodied wailing on Skype video calls, and even managed to film strange, shadowy figures in the background.

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