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How Would You Describe Life On Earth To An Extraterrestrial?

You are out one afternoon minding your own business. Not really thinking about anything in particular. As you walk through the underbrush near the edge of the forest you look up. Did you just hear a theremin? Weird! After awhile, you are in a dense forest. You can just smell the pine needles and wood ticks. There is that sound again. A totally unnatural sound. Metallic? Nooooope? You walk a little farther and through the canopy, you can see that the sun has almost set, the forest lights up with oranges and red tones. You keep walking… With no slip or break in time, your forest views change to gray metal walls. It was as if time stopped and you were transferred to a weird office room. No windows, no sounds, no explanation. Just a table platform with one chair on one side and what looks like a concave mirror the size of a large chair on the other side. You wonder if you have fallen and hit your head and now are strapped into a hospital bed with brain damage experiencing a hallucinatory nightmare. Panic kicks in and you can taste copper in your mouth. With no warning, a panel in the wall opens up and a twelve legged, nine eyed, semi-transparent creature undulates in. You hope you are strapped into a hospital bed drooling on yourself. Your not! A hammer like blow hits you straight between the ears. It impacts again. There is a sound with no obvious direction. It s coming from somewhere but you can’t detect from which direction. After a while of introspection and thought you realize the hammer is not a hammer but words. English? It seems to be coming from the multi-eyed, multi-limbed polyp looking creature. It repeats the message: “As a being of Earth please tell us what Earth is like. All living creatures consciousness is important to us. Tell us how you see your planet.” You sit in stunned silence as you believe you can feel the vague straps on your wrists and a blunt feeding tube, but no luck you are here in a dank little room with an alien life form. What can be said, what should not be said? Are there wrong answers? Is this creature some kind of interstellar scientist, or does it just like to play with his food before devouring it? Read More: The Angry Ufologist

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