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Hi there,

So much speculation, GOOD! What we are going to do should be a blast in my opinion. Just think about it three hours a night to play with any topic we wish, lots of open lines and NEW Guests. No restrictions on topics. VERY few commercials.

The live streaming will be FREE for both National and thank goodness, International listener's. We will provide incoming phone lines as well as Skype connections.

I am sure some topics will be loved by some and hated by others, it is never possible to please everybody all the time, that is one of the first things any Talk Host must learn. Some of my best shows were filled with computer messages in the first hour or so that said things like " dump this jerk and go to open lines" but by the end of the show people were saying "Gee Art that was one of your best shows ever". On the other hand sometimes the jerk HAD to dumped for open lines. Many times some of the BEST shows came from open lines. That is the magic!

No program can exist on NO income so we will depend on some aspects that we can charge for that will include the ability to download the show once it has aired, perhaps the ability to send a fast blast, and any other goodies we can throw in to perhaps ask for five bucks a Month from those willing to help, but make no mistake the live stream will be free, I want NO limits on the possible number of people who can tune in.

Art Bell

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