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Did the VA just confirm UFO dangers?

Air Force veteran and Arizona resident John Burroughs was a key witness to the so-called Bentwaters/Rendlesham Forest UFO incident of 1980. In 2013, at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure at the National Press Club, Burroughs and retired USAF colleague Jim Penniston recounted their inability to acquire their military medical records from more than 30 years ago. During efforts to link his heart damage to UFO radiation exposure while responding to a reported security breach on the perimeter of the British-based American air base, Burroughs encountered a roadblock on the paper trail. Although he joined the USAF in 1979, the VA said the earliest service records it could locate dated only as far back as 1982. Burroughs went through two Arizona Senators’ offices — Jon Kyle and John McCain — before the political wheels were able to recover his initial discharge papers, which placed him exactly where he said he was in December 1980. But his medical records are still out there, somewhere. Nevertheless, bottom line, last month, the VA informed Burroughs it was awarding him a full disability for his heart condition, which required life-saving surgery in 2013. The agency based its decision on 21 bulleted items. Among them was “Service Treatment Records, from February 1979 to April 1988,” the earliest of which Burroughs -- again -- has never been able to examine for himself. But this listed factor is the real eye-popper: “Duplicate documents regarding the Rendlesham Forest Incident, received May 2, 2014.” “Now, after decades of persistence,” Frascogna announced in his press release, “the U.S. Government has finally acknowledged that John Burroughs suffered adverse health effects in the Rendlesham Forest and, therefore, has recognized the link between his health problems and the UFO he encountered.” More via DeVoid.

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